6 Game Changing Features Of Android Jelly Bean

The latest version of the Android OS called Jelly Bean has recently been announced. There are many new features like a faster interface, voice typing while offline and a brand new camera app. Let’s go over several of the best features in more detail.

Keeping Everything Running Nicely With Project Butter

There are many changes happening under the hood. They are all designed to create a more user friendly experience. These changes include things like buffering improvements, improved frame rates and predicting where you will touch next. After spending some time using Jelly Bean it’s clear that these improvements will make the Android experience much smoother all round.

Offline Typing With Your Voice

Many users were annoyed by the fact that you couldn’t dictate while not connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot. With Jelly Bean you can now dictate any time you want. If you have a bad connection or no connection the phone will now process your voice locally. While it’s not as good as the online cloud version it will get the job done in a pinch. The advantage the cloud has is the ability to try and match your voice against thousands of samples in a split second. You shouldn’t be surprised that the offline version isn’t quite as good.

Google Now

This feature is Google’s attempt to try and predict what you need before you know it. By analyzing the way you use your phone they are able to identify your habits. This way they can deliver news, weather and other topics of interest to you in a timely fashion.

Voice Search

The previous voice searching technology on the S3 wasn’t quite polished enough for the big time. The latest version is looking much better thanks to Knowledge Graph. You will now find the best answer to your question followed by web results. Jelly Bean is the first voice search that really rivals Siri.


Google is really setting the bar high with their new notifications system. Jelly Bean has a very powerful notifications bar. You can expand your inbox to see a sample of your new emails. Previously you were only able to see how many emails you had waiting for you. You can also see your Google Now cards in your notifications tray. That way you can see new relevant info by simple checking your notifications. While these are small changes they will really save you a lot of time. The little things add up to make your Android experience much more enjoyable.

Intelligent Widgets

You can now customize your home screen by putting widgets anywhere you please. After you move a widget to a new location all the other icons on your screen will move to make space. This puts the Android one step ahead of Apple in the icon department.

The Android is getting better all the time. Google is really pushing hard to make this OS one of the best around. This new update is no different. Download the new Jelly Bean update as soon as you can!

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