“7″ tablets – to buy or not to buy?


People considering buying a new tablet tend to think they’ve got one decision to make: whether to get an iPad or an Android device. Yet the growing number of 7″ tablets available – the latest being Google’s Nexus 7 – means that consumers will have to also decide what size tablet they want.

While reviews for 7″ tablets on the consumer electronics sites such as ebuyer.com tend to be favourable, if you’re not quite sure whether the best things come in small packages take a look at the best reasons for and against owning a 7 incher.

Buy a 7″ tablet

First and foremost, they’re generally cheaper – the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is $150 more expensive than it’s 7″ sibling. If you’re shopping on a budget then this could very well be the most important factor. Despite the lower price, the smaller tablet practically does everything the full-sized one does.

They’re also very portable. While nobody would suggest that carrying a 10″ tablet was hard work, it’s incredible how much difference a couple of inches can make. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility to fit 7″ models into some pockets, making you a lot more likely to use it on the road.

Don’t buy a 7″ tablet

If you plan on using your tablet for watching video there’s no doubt that the bigger screen afforded by a 10″ tablet offers a better experience. The larger tablets also tend to have a better screen resolution, although the Google Nexus 7 has a display resolution of 1280 x 800, which matches Samsung’s larger tablet.

There’s also more internal storage as standard on larger devices allowing you to store more videos, songs, photos and apps. However, if you choose a tablet that has storage expansion capabilities or you’re more likely to stream the media you consume this won’t make much difference.”

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