Add 10 years to your life with SuperBetter


t can help fight cancer and heart disease. It can help you lose weight and quit smoking! All this can be done with the help of SuperBetter.

It is the game that has changed lives around the world. It’s a video game that will help people worldwide. This game is SUPERBETTER.

The game builds personal resilience for all users. It can be used to achieve your life goals which you always wanted to have. Lose the weight; quit the smokes and stop the headaches. All this can be done with a computer video game. The game was developed by game designers with guidance of many medical researchers.

It focuses on strengthening your physical, mental, emotional and social core. Don’t be fooled by the sound of it. If you want to lose weight, you won’t magically lose the weight for just signing up. It takes honesty in the game for it to work. If you lie then the game has no purpose.

But a great game indeed with many great features like quests, power ups, power packs, secret labs, allies, bad guys and more!  The Full gaming experience while you get stronger. You might think video games are a waste of time, but this one can help save your life.

While in the game, you set goals for yourself. Step by step, you complete quests to meet the goals. It might seem hard at first but with the help of your allies, anything can be done. Friends and family can be added towards allies to help support the mission.


The SuperBetter App can also be found on IOS devices such as iPads, iPods and iPhones.

They have announced that an Android version will be coming in the near future. No date has been announced yet.


Join the fight at It is where lives have changed!


Watch the full Ted Talk where Jane McGonigal talks about SuperBetter right here on TechsTalk. The next 20 minutes will change your life!

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