Apps and Games for Special Education Teachers

Looking for ways to use new technology to help teach your special education students this year? Thanks to the shift to mobile learning methods, there is a wide range of apps and games that any special education teacher can use to get students on board. Apps and interactive games are perfect methods to encourage learning challenged kids to grasp concepts and take in the world around them. Fortunately, there is a huge interest by those in the educational technology market to reach these amazing kids using apps and computer games.

Here is a rundown of some of the best computer based games and apps for teachers in special education classrooms.

My Big Campus is an educational app that provides a safe environment for students and teachers to collaborate on lessons and projects, in a social media format. Very friendly for use with students from middle-school age and up, this app features a full resource library that delivers information in various formats to appeal to all learning styles.

Sesame Street has consistently been providing educational tools and games for kids of all ages and abilities for over 25 years. The Sesame Street website includes plenty of free computer games that stimulate young minds through interactive, fun environments. Special education kids love the familiarity of playing along with their favorite characters while they learn to read, complete math problems, and enhance their classroom lessons.

Disney has also stepped into the special education market with a full range of educational apps and online games. From reading to learning life skills, teachers can use many of the most popular apps and computer games to help keep lessons interesting. Use the hands-on Disney app It’s a Small World Books for a fun way to teach reading and pronunciation to special education students.

The Nature Conservancy is offering a special app called “My Bird World” that teaches kids all about the wonderful science of birds and the natural world. Use this app when taking special education class field trips to identify specific birds, trees, and other things in the world. Teach kids the importance of caring for the earth’s resources and how birds help.

Mathmateer is an amazing app that’s perfect for teaching the basics of mathematics to students, by using an iPad or iPhone. By combining a space adventure with simple math problems, this app can help special education students become more confident with their addition and subtractions skills.

Want to teach your special education students about geography and history of the USA at the same time? Stack the States is an award-winning app that teaches kids the state capitals, shapes, flags by letting students move the states around. Once a stack of states is built, students unlock additional games to keep them interested.

Another great app that’s perfect for learning about the US presidents and history is Presidents vs. Aliens, which lets kids fight invading aliens by reading and answering questions about the presidents. This fun, Atari style format, is easy for special education kids to play, and a good way to get your students interested in history.

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