FileZilla FTP Client Review

FileZilla Introduction

FileZilla is a free, open source cross platform File Transfer Protocol software. FTP software are mainly used for transferring/uploading files to your web site. FileZilla is one of the best, if not the best, FTP software because it is free, easy to use, and there are many features.

Exploring FileZilla

FileZilla is very easy to use, I recommend you try it if you are looking for a fast and easy FTP program. At the top of the program, there is a quick login, allowing for easy access to your site’s files. On the left side, it shows two boxes. The top box is where it shows the folders and the bottom box shows what is in the folders. This allows quick access to files since you can switch folder to folder without having to click a back button. On the right side, there are also two boxes. These two boxes show the content on your site. The top box displays the folders while the bottom box displays what is inside the folders. At the very bottom, there is one wide box that shows your Queued Files(getting ready for transfer), your Failed Transfers, and your Successful Transfers. There are three seperate tabs for each of these so it does not get crowded up and messy. Above your 4 boxes and under the quick login panel, there is a log of all the things that happens so that you can keep track of everything. It logs just about everything such as server disconnections, successful logins, successful file transfers, etc. Another cool feature is that you can have as many connections to servers you want with the server tab features. You just add a tab each time you want to connect to another server. You can switch tabs at any time. In the “View” drop down menu, you can disable anything you would like. This allows for user preference and ease of use.

FileZilla Compared to Others

FileZilla is by far, in my humble opinion, the best file transfer protocol program there is. CuteFTPPro and FTP Voyager are it’s only competition, as they are also widely used by many people around the world. FileZilla is free and open source, making it my choice of FTP programs. I would recommend anyone looking for an efficient FTP program to use FileZilla.

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