How to get closed tabs warning in Chrome

Firefox has this neat feature and if you use Chrome then you can have it too!
Have you ever had an important tab open which closed on you because you hit to close the window by mistake. This great feature will give you a warning before closing so you have a chance to say no just in case you only wanted to close a single tab.

This feature is called Window Close ProtectorIt is a Chrome browser extentsion which can be used to bring a warning message before closing a window with multiple tabs.


This is a preview of how the button will look like when you try to close a Chrome window with more than 1 tab open.


You may find the the Window Close protector here:


After you have installed the app, make sure you go to the options to customize it. To do this, go to your Chrome extension page which can be found here: chrome://chrome/extensions/


Find the Window Close Protector extension and click the options button under it. Custimize it to your liking.


Hope you like the feature! If at any time you find that it appears too much then you can always customize it again in the options or delete the feature in the Chrome Extension Page.



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