Max Payne 3 Review


After nine years of waiting, Max Payne 3 is finally here! But now, the original developers of the previous two parts are not involved with this game. So, will it be as epic as the earlier versions?


The Story

Retired from his NYPD job and traveling to Hoboken, New Jersey to work as a private security officer for a rich Rodrigo Branco family; Max wants to leave his past behind. Rodrigo and his wife Fabiana are abducted by a street gang, despite being under a watchful eye of Max Payne. So now, it’s up to him to retrieve them back and figure out the culprits behind the kidnapping. The game is full of suspicious characters and the story is violent and gritty. With non-linear narrative and interactive cut scenes; the game makes the player identify with and be concerned about the characters.



New to the series is its dedicated cover system which deepens the gameplay. It allows you to plan your strategy during heavy fighting. Moreover, the ability to slow down the time returns, which the franchise is known for. The game does a fabulous job on implementing the difficulty curve as well. Moreover, three amazing aiming mechanisms are:


  • Free aiming means it is all up to you and is the most difficult.
  • Partially assisting aiming as it will stick on to the enemy in your sight
  • The last one is full on assisted aiming which stick on to the closest enemy and is the easiest of the three; it is ideal for gamers who don’t like much challenge.


There is a huge arsenal to choose from. The game allows you to carry one two-handed weapon and two side-arms, any time. The controls are tight and players can shoot with 360 degree angle, even from the prone position. The movement is fluid, realistic and the kill cam which initiates from time to time is a thrill to watch. Bullet time adds a cinematic touch to the gunplay and it never gets boring, even after 11 hours or so of the campaign. Slowing your enemies down and shooting their head off is quite entertaining, but don’t take the game easy. The enemies will do, all they can to stop you. They will flank you so you have to watch carefully how your foes react and where they are attacking from.


The Visuals  

The visuals are stunning with brilliantly crafted environments and detailed character models. The voice acting is top-notch, with the musical score fitting well with the game’s setting.



Rock Star has done a great job in creating this game. We all loved the previous versions and even this one has the same feel. All in all, it’s a must have game that no TPS fan should miss!

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