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In this world of Internet consumers, new devices making this consumption easier are more and more important. There are several hardware producers on the market already converted their production accents form laptops to netbooks and to tablets. These products are relatively new and various groups of consumers prefer to have tablet or netbook. There are positives and negatives of using either group of those products but this is not a topic we are looking at today. Now, the software giant Microsoft makes yet another try to win hardware market with their Surface Tablet.
As you can see, the name of it has word “Tablet” that is how Microsoft defines it’s product. I personally would define it as tablet with advanced hardware interface, maybe as one of those “convertibles” already available on the market from Asus and other producers. However, Microsoft tried to combine all the best features of both groups – tablets and netbooks. Surface Tablet can be used as pure tablet with normal touch screen, with a Microsoft logo-ed touch button. This touch button, by the way, is the only Microsoft logotype on the case of the tablet, no word Microsoft can be found anywhere else (reminds me of marking apple devices, everyone must know the giant by face). The case itself is very thin and  and nicely looking. Back side of the tablet has attached stand that can make device standing in comfortable position. Device will have two options of included keyboard – Type cover and Touch cover. Type cover physical buttons and is a little thicker then Touch cover, which has touch buttons. Both of these keyboard can also be used as a cover of screen, or retouched from device.

Tablet has Windows RT OS, which is expected to be comparable to Windows 8 and competitive to iOS. Microsoft didn’t release this tablet yet and is very careful to let anyone test it for longer time, however thous who were lucky to touch device and press a few buttons, share the experience of very nice model of tablets with great opportunities at the market. The windows animation is smooth and fast enough, the desktop remind of the windows mobile desktop used on the recent Windows phones and tablets. The tablet has few ports available on it’s sides, so, it has potential possibility to connect to different devices like TV, external hard drives etc.
Even though it seams unusual that Microsoft decided to get into hardware business, they did a good job with this new tablet. The price of tablet is still a mystery but surely it will be worth buying, otherwise Microsoft will loose Android devices and largest competitor Apple. However, market doesn’t stand on one spot and surely close the time when other giants of hardware production will give their powerful respond on this Microsoft’s product.

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