The Kindle Fire: Amazon’s Innovative Device

The Kindle Fire is an advanced tablet computer version of the E-book reader. The E-book reader and the Kindle Fire is a product of the Amazon. Kindle Fire, the tablet computer is almost similar to that of the iPad. It is available at a cheap price of $199.99.

The prime features of the Kindle Fire are the 7 inch multi touch display along with the IPS (In-Plane Switching, Technology), a dual core processor and a Wi-Fi. It has 8 GB of storage capacity. Its external side dimensions are 7.5X4.7X0.45. It is devoid of a camera, a microphone and 3G connectivity. Its screen size is small, if compared to the iPad. It has a nice appeal about itself and thus would definitely arrest the attention of the buyers.


It is not burdened with a heavy weight and thus it’s easy to hold for long hours. Its size is similar to that of a big paperback, thus the users can hold it with one hand and flip through all the pages, just with the use of the thumb finger. Watching of a video alone is an excellent experience with this device. Video watching with two or more people would not prove to be a great experience for its small screen size.

The Kindle Fire runs an operating system, which has been actually forked from the original version of the operating system of Android. This hints at the fact that this device gets displayed at the stores without featuring the Google Maps, Gmail and other applications as well. It has access to the digital library of Amazon, which is huge in size and requires just a click of your fingers. This digital library comprises a bulk amount of applications, movies and songs. Thus use of this tablet would prove to be a pleasing and fascinating experience for the users.

This device comes along with not less than 1000 applications, which the users can easily download. The first applications to be used by the users comprise, games, such as the Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and others as well. The best applications are few in number. However, the experience related to browsing and playing are definitely superior.

When you function on your home screen, you browse through your content by shifting the list from the left side to the right side. The users can afford to affix their preferred music, books, movies or applications to the bookshelf, which is present not in reality but in effect. It is interesting to note that Amazon had purposely made indistinct a few of the Android elements, such as the “home” buttons and the “back buttons”.  The obscurity of these elements prevents to a certain extent the smooth operations of the device.

The concerned organization is also planning to launch this device with the Silk browser. According to Amazon, this browser would increase the loading speed.

Still a few things needs to be added to the Fire.

It surely is going to bring about a significant change in the market of tablet computers.

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