The Top 5 New Apps

For avid tablet and smartphone users, the perfect app can spell the difference between being

productive, knowing something your competitor doesn’t, or even hedging against boredom on the long
train ride to the office. Here’s a look at a few new apps that will hopefully excite and thrill you like they
did us.

Khan Academy for iPad (FREE)

The Khan Academy is all about learning in your terms, at your own pace, and only the lessons and
exercises you want to tackle, and they do it all for free, including their app specifically designed for the
Apple iPad.

The Khan Academy offers an amazing range of topics, including:
• K-12 Mathematics
• Science
• Biology
• Chemistry
• Physics
• Humanities
• Finance
• History

This app gives you full access to every lesson and more than 3,200 videos that go hand-in-hand with
each course of study.


Google Drive (FREE with account)

Android users will love Google Drive, not only for the fact that’s free, includes Google Docs, or that
they’ll be able to share any of their files and documents with any of their contacts. No, they’ll love
Google Drive because it’s simple to use and was developed by the same guys who developed the
Android operating system.

Google Drive and the Android operating system were built to work in perfect harmony together. Get all
the space you need for all of your documents, and the power to access them in the ways that matter
most to you.


Airbind (FREE)

Part of the appeal of mobile devices is we can take our music, movies, television programs, videos, and
pictures with us wherever we go. For users of Apple’s mobile devices, native versions of iTunes have
been nothing short of a small blessing. For Android users, however, workarounds to get the iTunes
media onto our mobile devices has been the accepted norm.

By downloading a simple app for your Mac or PC computer, Airbind will allow you sync all your iTunes
media with your Android device without installing another player. It’s a simple process and it will keep
your Android and the iTunes library on your PC or Mac synced.


Chrome (FREE)

Chrome for Android is the best browsing experience possible, but it is currently only available for
devices using the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system.

If this describes your device, then you’re going to be very excited about the new Google Chrome. It’s
very fast, and it syncs directly with Chrome on your computer so everything is right where you expect it
to be no matter where you access your browser.

When you sign into Chrome from your Android, all of your tabs, passwords, bookmarks, and omnibox
data are right there, ready for you to use. Get a truly synchronized experience when you use Chrome on
your computer as well as on your Android 4.0 devices.


Any.Do for iOS (FREE)

This is the ultimate app for task-oriented people and it’s finally available for iOS devices, including
iPhone and iPod Touch. Easily create tasks, mark them as completed with a swipe of your finger across
the screen, and shake the device to clear all of your completed tasks.

Any.Do users can create shared tasks with each other. This could include things like a supply checklist for
a group of hunters, or a shared grocery list for college roommates. To give users more control over their
tasks than ever before, Any.Do works with the microphone on any mobile device. Just speak into the
microphone and let Any.Do create the task in your calendar. This allows for a great deal of detail to be
included with each task if necessary.

No matter what you’re looking for in an app for your smartphone or tablet devices, chances are there’s
already an app for that, or one is about to be developed. What is your all-time favorite app?

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