The Wii U


The Wii U will be the next big thing in the nintendo world and it uses a very unique system. Of course, this is what nintendo is known for. The Wii U is a system that uses a very unique controller which has a 6.2 inch screen on it. The Wii U controller can interact with your TV or just play a game on it’s own. This has been built to be used with wii controllers and games. It has been made to work with your wii.

E3: 2011 Trailer

Cnet reports the E3 2011 speakers on the Wii U.


This system is going to consist of many features. With the wii fit board, you can weigh your self and interact with the controller. There are also games where you can interact with the controller to your TV. The Wii U was also made so that if someone were to turn off the TV while you were playing, you can just continue the game on your controller. All the wii equipment will also work with this controller, as they have made it compatible. In the trailer, it shows you a man switching from playing the wii to the Wii U. This was the main purpose of making the Wii U. Some other great features include a microphone, a webcam, 2 analog sticks, the ordinary alphabet buttons, R, L,zR, and zL. With this system, the 6.2 inch touch screen can also be used for accurately drawing, as this is a high sensitivity touch screen. The internet can be browsed with the Wii U, and webcam chatting will be popular for this controller. Games are going to be specially made for the Wii U so that you can interact with the touch screen to the TV.

Final Looks

I personally think that the Wii U will be a huge success as many of Wii consumers will also purchase this amazing addition to their play. The product will be released in 2012, there is no set date. Rumors have it that it will release near christmas. So, what do you guys think of the Wii U?

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