Top 5 Free Conference Calling Solutions

Sometimes when you work in business, you have to make a lot of calls. Conference calls can be difficult when you have people who are telecommuting or when you have clients that are stretched across the state. Conference call solutions can be expensive, but there is always another way. We have taken it upon ourselves to highlight the top 5 free calling solutions to help businesses keep in contact with their business contacts and get the job done, without having to spend too much money on other calling solutions

Wiggio allows you to set up free conference calls. You can invite people to a conference very quickly through email. You can even schedule conference calls to happen at that very moment, or you can schedule them in the future. Wiggio is a great source for businesses that are making frequent conference calls in a day. The call quality is great and is a free way for businesses to keep connected

If you need just a basic conference call that does not need to involve video, then you can’t go wrong with using This calling solution allows you to hold a conference call between more than two people. The conference call can be recorded for future use, and it is free from most phones. You simply call an 800 number and use a code to get people into the call. This call solution is very popular among non-profit companies

Uber Conference allows you to create visual conference calls through one select phone number. This is great for businesses because it allows you to communicate across the world using the same number that is always assigned to you. This is great for setting up emergency meetings. You can invite people immediately through unique invitations, or you can send out general information invitations and people can call into the conference. has become the second most popular free calling solution for businesses. This website comes with plenty of benefits that are perfect for all businesses. When you host a call through Speek. you get to talk instantly, know who is on the call, and know who is the one speaking while on the call This program also allows you to share files and profiles through the call, so businesses can exchange all information in just one conference.


KNCTR is premium entertainment application with ability to make free phone calls. You can call for free to Canada and The USA. Also, you can watch daily video content and get an access to most recent news on their RSS channel. In addition, KNCTR includes an option of connecting to the most important social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter). However, the biggest advantage of this software is it’s absolutely free for everyone. Go to to download your free version today!

Communication is important in business and as technology is evolving, it is important to be able to communicate from anywhere. These top 5 free calling solutions could be the best solution to solve all your bush less’ communication needs.