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Vlingo is basically an app that does almost the same thing as Siri on the iPhone 4S. Vlingo is used a lot by many people around the world, trying to make life easier. For those of you who don’t know what Siri does, it is basically talking to your phone with commands. The Siri is much more advanced than Vlingo, but Vlingo is free.


With Vlingo, you can do the following commands:


To email using Vlingo, you say the following. Email Jeff Subject Here’s the right way to do it

Send Message

To text using vlingo, you say the following. Text John message How’s it going, John?

Web Search

To web search using Vlingo, you say the following. Search paintings of bananas

Voice Dial

To call someone using Vlingo, you say the following. Call Ron Mobile

Facebook Status

To update your facebook status using Vlingo, you say the following. Facebook update needs coffee right now.

Note to Self

To make a note , you say the following. Note to Self buy milk.

Open Applications

To open an application, you say the following. Open Calender.


To find maps in the area, you say the following. Find coffee shops in Cambridge.

Ease of Use

Vlingo does not always recognize the name properly, and may detect the command differently. I was testing out Vlingo just a while ago, and it detects common names very easily. I tested the command “Open Application” and I said “Open Talking Tiger.” Instead, it went to a web search for Talking Typer. Vlingo is not a very great program, but it is decent. If you would want to use this a lot, I would recommend using the available widget for Vlingo. I wouldn’t recommend using this program for people who who have a contact list filled with uncommon names.


The free application “Vlingo” is a decent application for sending messages and calls, but I wouldn’t highly recommend this to anyone as an alternative to Siri. It’s voice detection isn’t the greatest, and it could get you in trouble if you call the wrong person. There are limited commands, but it’s better than nothing. Vlingo only uses 1 MB of data for every 150 times you speak to it, so data shouldn’t be a problem. What I recommend is for you to try it, if you like it, great. If you don’t, no one is forcing you to use it.

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