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Would you like to publish your work in front of thousands of people and get your own name and site out there? TechsTalk is the place where you can publish your work and get a lot more in exchange.

Why should you be a guest blogger here at TechsTalk?

  1. Get your article seen by tens of thousands of unique visitors every single month.
  2. Content is shared through our Social Networking accounts which give your article thousands of more views. Our twitter account has close to 10,000 dedicated followers. Every blog post is tweeted!
  3. Your article will stay on our blog home page for at least 3-4 days. Depending on the quality of the article, it could be put as featured which goes at the top of the homepage.
  4. Your name and a link of your choice can be placed at the end of the article under Author Bio.
  5. Both your name and website will be advertised to thousands of people and will be great for SEO. Our is is currently PR3!

Please contact  for more information.

Basic guidelines to submit guest posts

  1. Article must be 100% unique and written only for TechsTalk. It cannot later be published on any other website. When the article gets published on TechsTalk, it will be a property of the site.
  2. One or two links are allowed in the article as long as they are related to the article itself. Links that advertise products or other websites are prohibited!
  3. The article must obviously be written in English.
  4. The same article written by you cannot modified and published in other websites
  5. The articles must fall under under one of the following categories: technology, computers, cell phones, gadgets, tutorials, reviews, tips, tricks, OS, video games, coding, graphics and etc.

Guest blogging instructions

  • Guest posts can either be posted by you or by the admins of the site
  • Adding a picture/Avatar is strongly recommended
  • Accounts can either be controlled by you or by the admins of the site. If you do not want access to your account, then you may send the content through email which will be posted using your account. But you must still fill in the guest blogging form which will be found at the end of this page.
  • Content can be sent using Microsoft Word or NotePad. Pictures can also be included through image link.
  • Not all articles will be accepted. Article ideas must be approved by admins of the site.

If your interested in making a guest post then please fill in the form provided in the following link: http://techstalk.com/guest-blogging.

After the account is made, you will be contacted regarding the guest post.

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