Xbox SmartGlass


The gaming community is expecting more and more from the Xbox SmartGlass program. It is offered for download on different devices. According to the latest news Microsoft has launched the advanced software kit for this program. It is a very good move by Microsoft as it will encourage the partner developers to incorporate this advanced program in their future products. Advanced version of Xbox allows the gamers to make a network of the games with other media and on other devices. The most famous devices are iPhones, Windows phone and androids, etc. These devices support the enhanced features of this updated program. According to senior officials of Microsoft, the Microsoft will soon release support program for the healthy integration and global use of Xbox SmartGlass program.
The 360 feature can support more than 3 devices at the same time. These devices may be similar or different. Many of the features which are near to be released are kept secret as there are many competitors in the market. Microsoft is hopeful to announce many advanced features to improve the Xbox technology. The latest version allows you to enjoy the movies on multiple different or same devices. Transfer of movies from the tablet to screen is also a best feature of this advanced computer technology. According to latest news, the Microsoft sales are increased by 20% and the revenues are increased after the shipment of more than 1 million consoles of this advanced program. The Xbox SmartGlass also offers to connect the games to the screen and allows you to play games in a more compatible format. This feature resembles another technology but the difference is that in the Xbox there is no need of the driver installation. According to Microsoft it is like the web transformed for television.

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