3D printed planes coming by 2050

Printers were conventionally used to print the 2D images and text. These days the 3D technology is being introduced in the printing to get the advanced designs of many objects such as cars and bikes. Experts are also using this type of printing in designing the 3D image of biological systems. The next move is to design new generation transparent airplanes with the help of this advanced technology. Airbus is now developing an aircraft which will be launched in 2050. The design is very innovative and experts are incorporating the advanced 3D printing to design interior as well as the exterior of planes. These planes are very huge so the 3D design also needs large printers. These printers are nearly the size of the airplane hangar.

The Airbus Company is looking for most advanced design. The transparent material and framework material is not available. The transparent features of this plane require very delicate printing. The 3D printing allows creating a pseudo model of the plane. After that, there is a possibility that the scientists might get an idea to play with that pseudo model. There are many new horizons which are opening due to this advent in modern technology.


The size of the plane is a big challenge as there is a lot of controversy on this issue. Aeronautical engineers need huge printers to design smaller parts of the plane. In the end, the company will test the efficacy of all individual parts. The type of material to be used is also controversial as there is a big issue of weight. At the end of the year 2013, scientists will be successful in creating bigger parts and consequently, new generation planes are expected to fly by the end of 2050