4 interesting facts and features about the iphone 5

External Hardware

It is difficult to notice any new features of the iPhone 5. Nevertheless, one cannot fail to notice a change in dimensions as compared to previous versions of the phone. When placed on a stand with the iPhone 4, you realize greater length differences. Some critics say the increase in dimension is attributed to the reduced thickness. The iPhone 5 measures 4.87 x 2.31 x 0.3 inches. This is a centimeter longer than the 4S, which also had its thumbs up for the sleek style. Its less weight and ample size allow for a pocket-friendly interaction. Moreover, its size allows for efficient USB functioning without wrecks and breakages. The USB port is much thinner and allows for greater transfer speeds according to Apple CEO. This phone, just like its predecessors, comes in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB in black and white colors.

Camera Optics

Photography lovers have a good reason to smile for iPhone will specifically favor their needs. Despite minute changes being done to the optics, the i phone 5 still gives them a viable reason to wear a smiley face. The secondary camera features a 1.2-megapixel camera from the traditional VGA, which to some extent offered poor image qualities. The camera also allows for brighter and better FaceTime talk. The primary camera has not been changed much. However, the bright LED light allows for better lighting while taking photographs in dimly lighted areas. To make the photography experience interesting is a number of downloadable apps from the store to allow you to change the photographs dimension to suit your taste.


The current competition between Android and iOS is overwhelming. None of the two operating systems is willing to let the other take the lead in market acceptance. In a move to out-score their competitors and bitter rivals, Apple has invented the iOS 6– the latest in the line of operating systems. This operating system allows for the integration of more than one function to make them work better. For instance, you can integrate Facebook with your camera for direct uploads to your profile. Additionally, this operating system comes with a new application: Siri, which forms the basis of its selling point. Siri allows the user to make changes and set the phone to suit their preferences by use of voice command. Dubbed as the iPhone robot, Siri does virtually anything on your behalf from making calls to scheduling important meetings.

Power System

There is not much to expect from the iPhone 5 concerning power consumption. Everything has remained virtually the same from the battery to the charging system. However, the USB charging port dimension has been reduced to comply with the ultra slim dimension of the phone! The iPhone 5 can last up to 300 hours on standby mode. Its power consumption on 3G networks is more efficient than when on 4G. The interesting bit of this phone is that only 15% of its original power storage capacity will diminish after 400 series of charge and recharge sessions.