Basic Link Building Mistakes Evaded By SEO Company in Singapore


Making errors in link building is a standard practice in the SEO world. However, with the evolving time, SEO Company Singapore is progressively getting educated about the right link building techniques. Through this article, the experts have clarified about some normal mistakes which, however utilized now, must be ignored by the SEO professionals for positive and effective results.

Exchange a Mass Link

Exchanging link with several unique sites which give you a back link isn’t a decent practice, however it is now and then favored by a SEO company.

Uneven Link Velocity

It is difficult to control link velocity, as it isn’t simply you who is exchanging links. Despite the fact that you should ignore mass link building at in some cases, you shouldn’t stop once you have begun.

Using Excessive Exact Anchors

Utilizing keywords in a link is a natural process; however, you should concentrate on keeping one anchor with the fundamental phrase. Your anchor may fluctuate in hundred ways, yet ensure you utilize a URL or keywords for link diversity.

Link Buying

You needn’t really avoid link buying process. But attempt and purchase quality links. Check the quality of the page, site and number of outgoing links before you purchase link from a specific website.

Avoiding Social Media

Most of the social media platforms are a fantastic board for link exchange and building because of their pool of countless connections. So avoiding them is a wrong decision.

Avoid Checking the Link Building Website

A site’s quality can’t be judged from its page rank. Before building links with a site, one must confirm for its social presence, indexed pages and whether or not the site is a link seller.

Ignoring Link Exchange

Not making mass link exchange doesn’t mean to never practice link exchange at all. Sometimes by exchanging links, you get a very helpful link from a quality site which drives in direct traffic to your site.

Overlooking Link Exchange

Image linking isn’t futile as thought by numerous. The large amount of individuals favor linking anchor text for high ranking, but image linking work wonders at building brand presence as well.

Ignoring Proper Research Process

Try not to abstain from making proper research on the links before you go for it. Frequently you don’t make a move even after making research on some links and abstain from taking them. This is because you may surmise that getting those links is difficult, however you should recall that those are some good links which can help you get an edge over your rivals.

Only Linking to Homepage

Only linking to landing page doesn’t mean you disregard deep linking which is similarly huge for backing up a portion of the internal pages of the site. In fact internal linking enhances your site’s page rank by attracting more noteworthy movement to the distinctive pages of your site and profiting you with expanded conversion.

Only use Do Follow Links

Some trusts that a nofollow link is not good to use; notwithstanding, no follow links often come regularly accompany loads of link diversity. So, it is better to estimate the effectivenesss of the link being referred to. Also, find out if that link would be helpful at directing traffic or boosting brand’s visibility.