Cross-Platform Spy Software The OneSpyReview

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TheOneSpy is a multi-platform tracking application intended for parents, spouses, and employers to supervise the mobile phone and computer use of their children, significant others and employees. The app provides hundreds of features to monitor and control the targeted computer and mobile phone device. There are monthly, quarterly and yearly subscriptions of the app varying in prices with respect to change in package plans and targeted device’s operating system.

Core Features of the Spy Software

The phone spy app offers a broad range of features to track the computers and mobile phones of children and the workforce. Given are the core features of the TheOneSpy

Track Messages

The spy software lets you track all the messages containing texts, stickers, photos, videos and audios transmitted and received on the monitored mobile phone. It also allows tracking the contact information of the message sender and receiver.

Monitor Calls

The phone calls received and transmitted from the target phone get recorded and uploaded to the spy software account. You can listen to all these phone calls anytime and from anywhere and see the contacts details of the callers and recipients.

Spy on Social Media Apps

The social media apps including Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Tinder, Kik, IMO, Tumblr, Telegram, Hike, Line, Vine, Viber, Zalo and Yahoo Messenger can be tracked with the cell phone surveillance software. You can read your target’s social media chats; see their media files shared via these apps; track their friends-list and call logs.

Monitor Surroundings

The spy app lets you take control of the camera and microphone of the targeted phone. You can distantly operate the devices and see what is happening in the vicinity of these devices. By remotely activating the cameras of the monitored phone and computer, you can take photos or record short videos. The microphone of the targeted devices lets you listen to the surrounding sounds and voices.

Screen Recording

By sending a command from the spy software control panel, you can record the activities performed on the monitored computer and mobile phone.

Monitor Web History

The spy software lets you monitor the internet use of your target. You can see which websites were visited and which information was searched by the target.

Access Keylogs

What if you could see what has been typed on the target device? The spy software lets you track the passwords, usernames, and messages typed on the monitored device.

Monitor Media

You can monitor and download the photos, videos and audios saved on the hard of the targeted mobile phone or computer right from the spy app control panel.

Track Location

The spy app lets you know the current and previous locations of your target. Also, it lets you mark multiple locations as safe or unsafe.

Control Apps

The end-user can control the mobile applications installed on the target Android phone. You can block, unblock and uninstall the apps from the target phone. Also, you can lock and unlock the target phone. The tracking software also allows you to block messaging and internet access on the target phone during rash driving.