Google Glass: The gadget of the future!

Yoohoo! The new gadget, or should I say THE gadget, from Google! Do you remember those sci-fi action blockbusters where the people wore those special glasses which would show all information about visible objects? well, it’s still sci-fi for us, BUT, Google made the new step in approaching The most time when everyone can have precise information about everything! Imagine you are sitting in school struggling with some math issues looking at the task “2×2=..”? Now, if you wear those magical glasses they would show you a little number in transparent green light “…=4″, and you get your VG on that test! WOW! Calm down, Google didn’t push the that far just yet. Probably they afraid that their programmers will look for solutions there.

The current Google glass project is a mere little camera built in regular glasses. You probably can do it yourself with the help of some tape but Google’s job is way nicer looking and more practical. A person wearing those glasses is looking like a normal human being and others couldn’t even notice the difference.

What does Google glass do? Firstly it protects your eyes from wind, dust, and sun, well, Google wouldn’t be so famous if they wouldn’t add a few new features in this known device – the camera and connectivity module which allows streaming your visuals directly to the corresponding server. The camera is mostly designed for videos but in newer versions of glasses should also be able to take automatic still pictures. There are still debates going on – which connectivity type will be used. Some users may use the product in the area with the great 3g 4g connection, but some are going to use it while sky-diving and conditions there are a bit different. Some suggested options are 3g, 4g, WI-fi, and some are still holding on Bluetooth, even understanding that speed of it is not very satisfying. The most possible solution is communicating with the web through your mobile phone in your pocket. Glass will also have some internal memory where the image could wait to be uploaded while the connection is not available. Well, as the device is still in the announcement stage, we can surely believe in best solution in future.

Controlling the glasses should also be “state of the art” solution and since I didn’t hold this device in my hands I can insert portion of Google’s own description: “Controlling Glass will eventually rely on a mixture of inputs: it’ll recognize voice commands, while also taking cues from the right sidebar. There’s a touch-sensitive pad on there that’ll understand gestures.” Glass will also have the gyroscope, the same as most of the smart-phones, so, the management will be possible by shaking head in different directions.

The battery of this device is located behind the right ear of the user. A capacity of this battery could probably become one of the disappointments.

The operating system of this device will most likely be android. In this case, there will be plenty of different applications available on play store which would be able to multiply 2 by 2 with the help of visuals transferred by the glass.

The main thing for me is always a price. According to the announced price is $1500 (g00gle). This price is definitely too much for me.

My personal opinion about this gadget – I like the idea, and it has a big future. If we are talking about privacy protection, then every owner of this gadget should always hold a red flag with the large phrase on it: “BE AWARE, YOU ARE FILMED BY GOOGLE GLASS”