iReviews – Maple Story Cygnus Knights

Maplestory is a famous online, 2D sidescrolling MMORPG made by Nexon. It’s cute, yet RPG-like appeal has attracted tons of people. To help promote the franchise, Nexon released two Maplestory RPG’s for iDevices. The two “editions” they released were “Thief Edition” and “Cygnus Knights Edition.” Both have major differences, some good, some bad. Today, I’ll be reviewing the formerly paid edition, Cygnus Knights Edition.

First Impressions

My first impression of this game was quite good. I saw the graphics and immediately recognized the original graphics from the game. The controls seemed typical for a platformer on an iDevice. The menu seemed fairly generic also, but it wasn’t terrible. All the graphics are cute and chibi-like, so I could tell the gameplay wasn’t going to be hardcore. Overall, my first impression was an 8/10.


The gameplay of Cygnus Knights is exactly like Maplestory, but with worse controls. The storyline is very generic and I found it to be a bit overemphasized and typical. There’s very little backstory, and the game’s story doesn’t get progressively better. At all. The storyline gets more confusing and more unexplained. Now, I haven’t finished the game yet either. The reason for this lies in the sheer difficulty of it. The quests (missions) are the same. Every quest has one of four objectives: Talk to Someone, Kill Monsters, Gather Items (by killing monsters or picking up off ground), or Playing a mini-game. As the game progresses, the missions’ difficulties become harder and harder. Of course, this is expected. The quests become very monotonous and dull over time, making the game more of a boring time-waster than an actual game that you want to play whenever you have free time. The aspect of exploring the world is always fun, but exploring is limited to the storyline. It’s not very open, and most quests don’t give hints about where to go or what to kill. It’s implied. This can be frustrating. Besides this, the controls are pretty bad. Jumping is absolutely horrid. Since this is the biggest part of the game, gameplay can be extremely frustrating. Bosses are extremely overpowered, and there are very few.


The game has little variety and can make you very bored in very little time. The main quest chain is lengthy and progressive, which is good. There are also tons of side-quests. One of the biggest aspects of this game is level grinding. It is impossible to beat this game by just doing story quests. Side Quests are required if you actually want to level up and do damage. Besides this, all armor is overpowered. When you’re level 20 and defeated a zone, the next zone will sell equipment at level 40. How much sense does that make? Besides this, most items are actually UNDERPOWERED. All armor and weapons are pretty much useless. They all do little damage and barely protect you. The Mini-Games are fun, but they can be extremely hard and frustrating. Besides all of this, all monsters are overpowered. Always. You’ll always find yourself using the same skill over and over to do damage instead of actually attacking. Even though this may all seem negative, the game isn’t terrible. The graphics are nice, and there is no lag. Gameplay can be smooth, and the game can be a fun time waster. It also includes multiplayer bonus mini-games, which are always fun. This is a good addition to the game. Overall, the gameplay was a 6.5/10.


The chibi graphics are classic, and I wouldn’t expect anything less from the franchise. Most graphics are directly cut from the original game. This is fine. The shading is nice, and there are no real graphical errors. The Interface/GUI is exactly what you would expect from an iDevice RPG. It’s a typical Interface which isn’t too unique. It’s as generic as about every other RPG on the App Store. Overall, I’d give the graphics/interface a 7.5/10.


The sound was very generic. It was basically ripped from the game and was exactly what I would expect from a generic RPG with a generic story. Not much to say here. Overall, it was an 8.5/10.


The game used to be very expensive. Prior to this month, it was between $2.99 and $4.99 (not confirmed, but I believe that was the price). The game being free really gave it a presentation boost. The actual game is presented very well. There are not many bugs, and there are minimal errors. There’s not much to say about its presentation. I’d give it an 8/10 (6/10 if it wasn’t free)

Last Words

The game is a solid, generic RPG that should appeal to all gamers of the RPG genre. It’s a good franchise promotion, and it is a good treat for people who like Maplestory itself. It’s not the best game on the market, but it’s worth a try while it’s free.