Is Computer Science The Thing to Study in College and University?

Computer science as a study is perfect for the present times. As you have most likely noticed, the internet is a booming market. Companies are being bought out left and right, and everyone with a computer is somehow involved in that market. Even companies that usually have kept to flyers and word of mouth are working towards constructing an internet presence. In order to do this they need devoted programmers, security experts, and entrepreneurs.

However, only studying computer science in college is not going to get you a job. Sure, you have a higher chance of finding a job after graduation, but it’s not one a hundred percent guarantee.

Companies like UBS look for people that have more than a degree. They look for people who have a general knowledge of everything and an ability to adapt as programming languages evolve and are altered. For example, with the creation of HTML5 someone that only knows what they learned in college a few years ago might not be the person for the job.

Furthermore, college is very expensive. Some colleges cost over $200,000 for for years of schooling. Even the cheapest of colleges are going to take a significant chunk out of yours, or a supporter’s bank account. You need to ask yourself if this is worth it.

Now, let’s say that you simply cannot afford to attend college for four years. That does not mean it is the end! Computer science can be learned without paying out hundreds per credit. You can learn how to code, manage projects, and come up with ideas on your own if you want to put in the effort. College is a great place to do that as it provides structure, and someone to oversee the process. Furthermore, it will help you find connections in the computer/business world. That is vital.

However, even though computer science is a great thing to master at present times, I do not think that it is the best option for a college degree. For example, my cousin is a leading executive in the programming department of UBS. He went to college and got a degree in mathematics (he started off at UBS as a programmer).
If you want to be successful after college you need more than just computer science, and you don’t even need a computer science degree on your resume!

The following course of action is my recommendation.

You should learn computer science however you should either take it as a minor in college or you should learn it on your own. This takes dedication though and it will be tough!

With that going on in the sidelines you should get a degree in business. Sure, you may not become an executive or even have your own company, but here’s why it is the best option:

When you enter the markets to do programming/project management work you are going to be dealing with executives and people that focus on the business aspects of companies. If you are familiar with business and are able to display that, they are going to be more likely to hire you. Furthermore, someone who only knows how to code is not going to be fully knowledgeable in what website/software/etc features are best for the business. It is not all about fast response times and slick design. Those are huge, but it is also about company-client relations and the user experience. Studying business will help you master this and overall you will much more appealing to a company than the student who only has a computer science degree.

If you are good with language/writing then disregard this next part. However, if you are not the best I highly recommend taking a course in the English department at your college. Take something like Persuasive Writing. This will help you understand how people react to certain type of information delivery. This can apply directly to how you write your code. If you can write persuasively and understand how to convince a reader to agree with you, then it’ll be easier to lure site visitors/software users to never leave! Furthermore, it will also make it easier for you to advocate for yourself and your skills when you are trying to get hired!

An employer is going to rather have someone who knows how to code perfectly instead of having someone who just has a degree that says they can code.

However, employers respond well to people with business degrees in a different way. If you don’t have a business degree, it is hard for them to trust your knowledge of it.

So. Know your code, get your business degree, and know how to talk!