New Tablet monitoring software

Most famous software producer Retina-X studios have made it known to the public about it is the newest monitoring software for your tablets. They are mainly designed for the employers and parents who would like to monitor the activities of their children and the work of employees on their tablet. Peek Tab is a multi platform monitoring software used by iPad tablets and Android with the monitoring of the blackberry on their way coming. If you are able to recognize the need for monitoring software, then there is a need for you to know more about software and new digital devices.Peek Tap is tricky software that allows their users to monitor their activities at the table in a real time. After this monitoring software have been installed, they are connected directly to the tablet to be monitored, the device instantly starts storing all the work and upload them to an online private secure created account used for monitoring. Parents and employers have the potential to log in to this account from any internet enabled computer.

Tablet monitoring features

The peek Tab monitoring software provides the most innovative technology features, which will enable you to discover the truth concerning the activities which take place at your tablet. Here are some of the features and their work on Peek Tab monitoring.

  • Contact information. It enables the user to be able to see the whole list of the contacts which are currently saved and the new one as they get added.


  • Apps Installed. It enables the user to view all the applications which are installed on the tablet, in connection with the date indicating when they were installed.


  • GPS location this enables the user to see different locations and links on the map to pinpoint the exact place in the tablet.


  • Web history this shows clearly each website visited through the tablet internet browser. It also displays time and date when the site was visited.


  • Photos this one is able to download and see every photo taken on the tablet. It also uploads these photos and displays them on the online account.


  • Calendar events. All the dates of the calendar are displayed with date and time and any kind of notes for planned events.



It is known that tablet monitoring software is readily available at affordable prices of $ 29.97 for the quarterly subscription. This subscription is prone to cancelation at any time and it is advisable to take a long subscription. Peek Tab is nowadays compatible with Android and iPad tablets. The compatible Peek Tab for blackberry is under construction and will available soon. This software has relatively lessened a lot of challenges which most employers’ encounters in day to day life, as the bosses have got the potential of knowing what happens and at what time. It has also assisted most parents who would like to monitor their children on daily basis, as it less time-consuming. In case you are a manager or a parent facing the above challenges, this is your rescue.