Program Reviews – Camtasia

Camtasia is a video editor which can be bought for about $299 ($300). Compared to the $600 Sony Vegas, this is a good amount. The program also has a 30-day free trial if you are interested. Made by Techsmith, Camtasia provides good functionality and design. It features a drag and drop system to the event out videos and sounds. It also features a full selection of tools used for making a professional video.  Camtasia Studio also features many great features, such as direct production, narration, storyboard, sequences, and audio editing. It also has more advanced features, like exporting audio, voice toning, cursor effects, transitions, captions, call-outs, and an amazing screen recorder.

The screen recorder is capable of recording your screen, as well as games, with detail comparable to FRAPS. Another good thing about the recorder is Region Selection, which lets you record certain parts of your screen instead of the whole thing. It also lets your record powerpoint presentations for later editing.  Camtasia allows publishing in multiple formats, as well as direct uploading to Youtube and other popular video websites. The design of Camtasia is easy to use and takes a very short time to get used to. Camtasia can be used for professional video development or everyday editing. Camtasia also comes pre-packed with premade sequences and sound effects which are used for editing. Besides all of this, Camtasia features multiple tools which can be even more useful for advanced editing. These tools include:

Camtasia Theater:

  • Allows editing on “Theater Pages”.
  • Allows advanced video editing for smaller, more compact projects.
  • Allows editing on Flash .swf Videos and Productions

Cam play:

  • Allows quick playback for multiple files types and project files
  • Compact and simple design


  • Advanced tools for Making Video Menus
  • A bit hard to get used to, but then becomes easy to use
  • Playback for videos and projects
  • Directly Linked to other Camtools.


While Camtasia is still expensive, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good, professional video editor comparable to Sony Vegas in some ways. Although better, cheaper options may exist, Camtasia is solid software which would be useful to almost anyone dealing with Video Editing.