Raspberry Pi: Micro computer

Raspberry Pi is a miniature computer with the size of a credit card. This is an ultra-cheap computer created by David Braben. Raspberry Pi is based on an ARM11 processor with a frequency 700Mhz, which allows reaching great performance with a very low energy consumption.


The price of the device will not be more than $25 for the base model and slightly more expensive for advanced modification. Raspberry Pi has outstanding characteristics for this price. While the size of computer is only a credit card size, this little supercomputer walks close to regular 5 years old system blocks The little monster is packed with Open Source software including operational system Ubuntu, office pack Koffice, browser Iceweasel (Firefox clone) and programming language pack Python. All this software is OpenSource and not hungry for resources. Add to the list – producers promise to include support of video playback in FullHD format. How is it for the price ha?


Now, what can Raspberry Pi be used for? The one major quality of this computer is a balance between price and features. It’s obvious that you won’t be able to play large modern games on it but you can definitely use this machine as the regular office computer, editing documents, learn programming, product presentations, etc. Think yourself – for only $25 you get a system block with the size of credit card, which allows you to watch the video, browse the Internet, listen to music… A regular system block with the similar features cost from $100, and you get yourself energy-hungry machine which consumes not less than 250W while this little baby takes only 1w.


These features together with the price open the world of Information Technology even for those users who never had such an opportunity. Firstly this computer can be used in schools for learning programming, also can be used as one of multiple terminal stations in office, as a home video player, as a module to the TV to browse the Internet and watch Youtube. The developers themselves positioning their product as a training device for educational purposes, but its features can offer way more, even a little home server or advanced network switch. Linux system allows to do so, all depends on your knowledge of principles of working with various devices and proper setup.


Raspberry Pi has an SD card slot thus enabling you to use more of the features available for regular desktops through the installation of additional software.


The base model of Raspberry Pi has:

CPU: 700Mhz ARM11


OpenGL ES 2.0

Video 1080 – 30

Audio: H.264

USB 2.0

SD Card Slot

General Input Output systems

Ethernet adapter 10/100

OpenSource Software

Advanced version has in addition:


Additional USB (2 ports)

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