Windows 8: Top Five Must Watch Features

The ‘re-imagined and reinvented’ operating system from Windows is one of the most anticipated releases this season. Windows 8 takes a lot of development from its predecessor. The new OS will feature many improvements that will give users an exhilarating experience. From personalization and security options to speed boosts, Windows 8 brings you faster processing times and a fresh style in using the system.

Here is the list of the five best features in Windows 8.

5. Metro Style is best with touchscreen support. With the trend of tablets on the market today, Microsoft brings us the feature of using the PC in portable style. The new and productive start page has optimized for touch, enabling you to open applications or shut down your PC with just a tap on the screen.

4. File History keeps versions of your files in case of changes. In Windows 8, File History keeps track of your files every hour in case changes are made. You’ll be able to browse the history of your files and restore its previous versions.

3. File Transfers are easier in Windows 8. File Transfer helps you manage how you copy and transfer the files. You can view speeds, size and items remaining, and the time left to complete the operation. An addition to the feature is you can now pause and resume transfers. It is also interesting to note that multiple file transfers are collected in one window.

2. Refresh and Reset your system in case things go wrong. In case your PC goes haywire, repairing it can be a cinch with the new Refresh and Reset feature present in Windows 8. Refresh generates a new copy of the operating system without touching any of your files, applications, or accounts while Reset reverts your operating system back to its factory settings.

1. Windows 8 gives the best performance, yet. Faster boot times and text rendering, Windows 8 boasts its speed as it delivers the goods. Windows 8 is integrated with the Hybrid Boot mode that hibernates the kernel upon shutting down. This speeds up your PC the next time it boots up. Windows 8 keeps its promise as it offers the best performance however you use it.